Initiated by a crew of highly dedicated professionals with an unique objective to bridge the gap between the field of education and IT industry, the team has grown from obscurity to national recognition. With continuous achievements, steady development, sense of pride and accomplishment, we take great pleasure in mentioning that we offer quality training in following areas to your needs.

CAD Customization
We are very strong in customizing the CAD packages like AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Design Review. We have done customization in all possible technologies such as Lisp, VBA, VB, VC++, .Net which are all supported by the CAD packages.
Design Automation
Intelligent and effective design can reduce time and cost in a big scale. Our experience in the CAD field helps our clients to automate their design process and provide solutions to make cost effective designs.
BIM Services
BIM is breaking down barriers and bridging communication between extended design and construction teams, providing consistent and reliable information across the scope of a project. An information based model for your architectural design or interior design project based on drafts, drawings and sketches, in order to communicate the design intent and information to all involved in the design process.
Reverse Engineering
We have ample experience in producing final shop floor drawings from already manufactured parts. The various engineering techniques are used to calculate exact dimensions from the existing models.
Human Resource Development
The human mind is our fundamental resource. We recruit highly skilled and trained resources, to cater various engineering needs for companies all over the world.
Project Consultancy
We provide project consultancy services for project Management system with various phases (like planning, monitoring, controlling) which involves highly qualified people, to accomplish the best Software process lifecycle.
We are having a separate testing team for the quality assurance of the deliverable products. We perform both Black box and White box testing using various testing strategies such as Unit testing, Integration testing, Recovery testing and Security testing.
Web Development
The interactive and innovative websites can empower a business in a large scale. Using the latest technologies in Web designing and innovative work force, we provide rich and fitting web solutions to your needs.
Employability Skills Training
Reducing gap between the academic preparedness of graduates and the expectations of hiring industries, this training is to create the much needed fusion today between Education and Employability Skills to get in to corporate world and be successful in career.
Product Development
We are in the Software development field since 2002. We apply the agile techniques in our Software development cycle to provide the good quality of software products.
ERP Solutions
ERP is principally an integration of business management practices and modern technology. We have lot of success stories in integrating information technology with the core business processes of a corporate house to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives.
Sales Activities
Sales are the single most important part of any business. To gratify the specific needs of any industries, we sell high quality software packages developed by leading firms. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we'll give them what they want, not what we want to give them.
Mobile Application
Experts in Android, iOS app development. The mobile phones make the world shorter and faster. We are one of the highly capable developers of mobile applications which very well fit for the rapidly growing future generation.
Due to their consistent strive towards the latest technologies, we set foot in the latest Virtual and Augmented Reality domain also. They have been developing applications in AR & VR domain to cater their client with the latest trend in the IT industry.
HTSS Virtual World
The 3D classes had been proven to increase the test results of the individual students between the entry test and the final exam by around 17 per cent, in the 2D classes by only 8 per cent based on the research conducted by Professor Dr. Anne Bamford*. The AR & VR is the next step of 3D classes. We are building a learning platform for the kids especially in the age group of 3 to 17 years using the latest AR & VR technology.